Fast Tai Chi?

So this is something a little bit different. This is from the Taolu World Cup. The Chinese word 'Taolu' is roughly the same as the Japanese word 'kata', in English it's often translated as 'forms' or 'sets'. It's a sequence of moves put together. There are many types of form, some are for training specific skills, some are to demonstrate your skill and some are just too look pretty.

There are set competition forms, that have to be completed in a specific way, and there are freeform competition forms. I believe that this is the latter. If you look in the comments you'll see lots of argument as whether this sort of thing counts as Tai Chi or not, as it has many 'flashy' moves. Personally, I can see elements of Tai Chi and Sport Wushu but that's fine by me - it is a form created to win a specific competition with a specific set of rules. Whatever you want to call it, it's still an impressive display of skill!

See you tonight.