Working The First Five Moves

With all the Bank Holidays we've had recently, a few of you have said that the beginning of the form hasn't sunk in yet. So this week, we're going to base the whole lesson on the first 5 moves. We'll use exercises and examples, each based on one of the five moves, with the aim that, by the end, everyone should be able to follow along as we perform the form together.

The first five moves of the all the Chen Tai Chi forms are nearly identical. I've attached a video below of someone performing the first five moves of the Chen 74-Step Form. There is only one difference between this and the 11-Step Form - see if you can spot it.

Did you see it? The difference is after Six Sealing Four Closing, right at the beginning of the move the end in Single Whip - the 74-Step has a slightly more complex hand movement.

See you all Monday Evening.