Last Class of 2018 & a New Instructor

The 17th December will be the last class of the 2018. Due to popular request, we’ll be having a little play with the Chen Tai Chi Sabre form. This video shows the full form as demonstrated by Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei.

A New Instructor

We’re very pleased to announce that Alistair Thompson-Carse passed the level 1 Tai Chi Instructor course held by Grandmaster Liming Yue.

Reminder: The first class back next year will be on Monday 7th January 2019.

Farewell Fred & the 8 Powers of Tai Chi

Farewell Fred

Last Monday we bid a fond farewell to Fred, he’s following the sun and moving to the South coast. Fred has been training with us for the last 5 years and helping to teach. Fred also had his own class in the Welsh borders. Fred has spent a lot of time in Spain training with Master Pepe so he can often help with different interpretations of some of the moves. We wish him well in his new home.

The Eight Powers

In Chen style Tai Chi, each move references one or more of the Eight Powers. This video shows Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang discussing the Eight Powers.

Christmas Training Times

The last class this year will be Monday 17th December and the first class back will be Monday 7th January 2019.

Festive Training Times & Lazy About Tying Coat

It’s fast approaching the festive season (only 4 weeks) during which we will be having a short break. The last class of the year will be Monday 17th December 2018. The first class back will be Monday 7th January 2019.

One of our core position is Lazy About Tying Coat but it’s not one that you see if Kung Fu films - or so I thought. In the following clip of the Shaw Brothers 1977 film “Executioners from Shaolin” you can see the villain, Pai Mei, adopt the pose at 4:06.

Pai Mei (literally “white eyebrow” - also called Pak Mei or Bai Mei) was supposedly a real person whose legend has grown over the centuries. He founded Pai Mei Kung Fu, which is still practised today. He’s often portrait as evil and unbeatable - his legend states that no one could defeat him in combat so they poisoned him instead. He’s been portrait in many films over the years - he even appears in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill films. I don’t know if Lazy About Tying Coat is an actual technique used in Bai Mei Kung Fu or if the film maker’s just thought it would look cool.